Effective immediately, Willow Bend Polo Club is pleased to announce expanded benefits to its members.

As this past weekend demonstrates, we have a growing support for polo in the DFW area and in an effort to continue to cultivate the sport and attract various local and out of town players, we will be expanding the Willow Bend Polo Club offerings to now include club chukkers on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  This will be in addition to the current tournament and club matches we have scheduled for the Fall.  We feel that adding these days will be beneficial and prudent to some of our club players who are looking to play more regularly and hone their skills.

Social League Chukkers on Saturdays are now included in your Willow Bend Club Greens Fee Membership plus Sunday Club chukkers have been added to the schedule.

The Social League only option of Saturday mornings at $250/mth structure will remain available as well.

We hope these changes reflect our progressive vision for the re-development of polo in the DFW community and we will begin offering these additional chukkers beginning the weekend of September 3rd & 4th.  Please look for an email requesting confirmation of availability for each of these additional playing opportunities.

See you on the field!

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