What a fun practice yesterday afternoon in spite of the slightly damp field conditions! We have a full first weekend of polo coming up with the Mother’s Day tournament and I hope everyone will join in the fun and festivities. Please see the below schedule of teams and play times as we have amended our schedule a bit to accommodate our visiting players from TULSA, OKLAHOMA and our tenuous field conditions.


Palo Pinto / Blue Dog Tulsa
Robt Payne 4 Greg Summers 0
Allen Custard 0 Ken Williams 0
Steve Gilchrist 0 Charlie Cendolla 4
Wyatt Myr 1.5 Sophie Gleeson 0
5.5 5


Mayer Ranch Icon Global
Clark Mayer -1 Lindor Novillo 4
Rob Payne 3 Bernie Uechtritz 0
Kenny Mayer 0 Lucio Chaves 1
Brendon Stenzel 2 Barry Zindel 1
4 6


Friday, May 6

5:00 pm                4-6 Goal – Game 1 Icon Global VS Mayer Ranch

BBQ to follow game – please RSVP to – BYOB

Saturday, May 7

10:00 am              Social League Chukkers

11:30 am              4-6 Goal – Game 2 Tulsa VS PaloPinto/BlueDog

Sunday, May 8

10:00 am              0-2 Goal Match

Noon                     4-6 Goal FINAL

1:30 pm                4-6 Goal CONSOLATION

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